Selva, Mallorca – The gateway to the Tramuntana mountains

On the road to Lluc, once you have left behind the city of Inca, you will enter the pastoral village of Selva which stands as the largest and most beautiful gateway to the natural wonder of Serra de Tramuntana.  It is not a coincidence that this area of more than 2000 hectares (which includes the village itself together with the picturesque villages of Caimari and Moscari as well as Binimar and Binibona) has been proclaimed an area of special natural interest and is one of the most beautiful regions on the island of Mallorca.

Founded by James I in 1248, Selva is one of the oldest villages on the island. Graced by a rural landscape that has remained virtually unchanged since its birth, the village has defended its own character throughout the centuries preserving it from the passage of time. A simple walk through the streets reveals that although modernity has left a significant impact on the life of the village, it failed to diminish the elegant lines of its peculiar face and managed to preserve the joyful individuality of its less than 4000 inhabitants, who continue to enjoy the peace and quiet known to their ancestors.

Footwear, leather and ceramics have always been the main economic activities that have allowed the local inhabitants to live and thrive, activates that have determined its distinctive personality and still characterize the daily life of its people. Like in so many other villages on Mallorca, in addition to the annual festivities, the unique character of Selva is manifested through its weekly market, which is a ‘’must see’’ for foreigners and locals alike. Starting at down, vendors from all over the island come to exhibit the local produce in all forms imaginable. For Selva, the special day is Wednesday.

From an urban standpoint Selva is also an architectural landmark as well as real estate gem. In a beautiful maze of streets leading to the XIV century church that crowns the top of the village, traditional style manors situated next to contemporary buildings (small apartment blocks, modern chalets) present a perfect combination of past and present that in no way offends the eye. On the contrary, only in a few places like Selva, traditional style has been so harmoniously combined with the demands of modernity of the growing number of people who have chosen the village as their place of residence or recreation. As such, acquiring a property in Selva is not so much a real estate investment as a realization of a romantic dream.

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