Smart Home Technology

Smart Home TechnologyAlthough we’ve all got used to constant connectivity via laptops, mobiles and tablets, at home it seems we’re much less ready to accept the digital age. There are plenty of gadgets now in common use that wouldn’t have looked out of place in even a fairly recent James Bond film, from remote controlled car locks to fingerprint scanners on phones, but the realm of smart home technology is still considered impossibly futuristic by many people. However, just as we now can’t imagine how anything was ever organised without email, smart home tech could soon be installed in just about every property around, so here are just some of the ways it could soon be improving your life.

For peace of mind
The biggest benefit of home automation is that it gives you more control over your property’s security. Whether you’re concerned with limiting access to your property or making your house look occupied while you’re out of town, there’ll be a service that can put your mind at ease. Most systems work via a central operating panel installed in your home, with many incorporating smartphone apps so that you can lock your doors, check security cameras or even turn lights on and off remotely with a tap of a touchscreen.

For an atmospheric evening
Smart home technology can be used to control everything from lighting to heating to music, so whether you’re organising a huge party or an intimate gathering, you can make sure you set the right tone in each room of the house. Smart thermostats can be purchased with the ability to ‘learn’ your routine and preferred temperature, making sure that you always wake up in a warm home.

For safe and simple cooking
Gadgets and cooking go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that there’s a massive range of technology dedicated making life in the kitchen a bit easier. A growing trend among smart technology fans involves embedding a tablet into the kitchen wall, which can be used to access controls in other rooms as well as for entertainment purposes. You can also invest in special smart worktops that can sense where pots and pans are placed and turn heat on and off accordingly.

For the environment
Another benefit of smart home technology is that it can closely monitor how much gas, electricity and water you actually need, to avoid any waste. Accidentally leaving the heating or lights on can be instantly fixed without lengthy treks back home, pools can be heated specifically for when you want to swim, and showers can be ingeniously adapted to use less water without you ever feeling any difference.

For entertainment
It’s possible to embed speakers into the wall of every room and control it from a central point, so that no matter which room you’re in, you can enjoy your favourite music. The music on offer isn’t restricted to the radio or your CD collection, either: these systems can be connected to your home Wi-Fi network to stream music directly from the internet.

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