Style meets substance in Hong Kong: Luxury real estate agent Raven Tao shares trends and tips in Hong Kong

Raven Tao’s background in entertainment as a model TV host helps her set the perfect stage for her hipster real estate clients. She assists people find their dream property, while offering tips and trends on her blog.

Through her contribution to the trend blog “The Space” featured on, she shares tips from and for Hong Kong lifestyle. From sustainable living to feng shui for the modern, Tao has wrapped up the best part of Asian culture and served it for the foreigner or local alike.

For example,Tao writes recently in her latest blog-article about space and design in Hong Kong apartments: ‘For those who want a more noticeable display, positioning clean, unframed mirrors horizontally above couches or behind free standing furniture add a nice touch. And if you are comfortable with large pieces, I would highly recommend use of ornate gold-gilded mirrors! They’re a striking decorative feature, whether sitting atop a counter or standing full-length against a wall. You can even make it work in a small apartment, having it peek out from behind a sofa or side table.’

‘As clutter is all too easy to accumulate in Hong Kong, careful interior choices are the key to crafting a relaxing city sanctuary, so try to keep only useful or beautiful items in your home. Whatever the choices you make for mirrors, the key is to flatter, compliment and highlight the best of your space. In the end, you’ll make your home brighter, more beautiful, and a place that you truly enjoy,’ Tao explained.

Reflecting the global calling card of a LoHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) at heart, she also has tips on dining, local eco trend and family activities, perfect for digital natives who are in Hong Kong for work, or setting up a second apartment for their international lifestyle. With the site in English, it is practical and accessible for us all to understand, while still being very close to her local roots, offering insider explanations of cultural considerations in property and homes.

Raven says in her latest article: ‘In feng shui studies, there are rituals that will “cleanse” the energy of your prospective home, which could be referred to as “claiming your space.” The common practice is to perform the ritual as soon as you take ownership of a property.’

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