The Basics of Living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is undoubtedly a lively, active city. Whether you engage its business-driven center, its cultural and historical attractions or its endless nightlife, you will find yourself always busy. Adjusting to the “work hard, play hard” lifestyle of this metropolis can be difficult, as with any move, and the basics of moving to and living in a new place are likely to be the first difficulties you come across.

Fortunately, Hong Kong is also a developed and modern city. The basics of finding schools for your children, enrolling in medical insurance, figuring out how to get around the city and going food shopping are daunting, indeed, but not any more so than in any other place. Hong Kong’s education, medical and transportation systems are all of extremely high-quality, matching that of other Western and European cities. To help you transition into your new, fast-paced life here, let us provide the most important information on the daily ins and outs of living in Hong Kong and make your hectic but exciting move just a bit easier.

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