The Pearl of the Middle East opens its Gates!

Doha first opened its market for foreigners in the year 2008. The first sales of units were still transacted on the base of a 99 year lease. However, with the creation of the first artificial island, the Pearl, foreigners were granted a contractual unrestricted freehold for the first time. In 2008 an amendment was announced, which should grant foreigners to purchase property in designated areas and therefore an entry into the national register. With this amendment becoming legal in 2008, the first foreigners were enlisted as proprietors of property in the national register. This concession still complies only for designated Freehold Areas.

Buying a property in Doha

During the past, Qatar never permitted the expatriates to own lands. However, now, even the non-Qatari citizens are allowed to purchase lands in several areas of Doha, including the Qatar Pearl, West Bay Lagoon and the New Lusail City. The Ownership by foreigners in Qatar enables them to a renewable residency permit, that allows them to live and work in Qatar.

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