Tramuntana – Mountain range declared World Cultural Heritage

The Sierra de Tramuntana in the North-West of Majorca has been declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO and received the title of cultural landscape. This candidacy was the only one in this category that Spain presented this year.

The decision was made in June 2011 in Paris and should encourage quality tourism in Majorca. The application was made by the Balearic Government and supported by different initiatives; approximately 40,000 signatures were gathered (including from numerous celebrities like Michael Douglas, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Annie Lennox).

The mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana extend over an area of more then 90 km. The main mountain range occupies the complete West- and Northwest-coast of Majorca. Beneath the Puig Major (1,445 metres above sea level and the highest elevation of Majorca) are both water reservoirs Cúber and Gorg Blau.

The mountain range is well developed with roads and hiking trails. It is void of mass tourism and is ideal for hiking and cycling. The Sierra de Tramuntana is characterized by dramatically beautiful, wild landscape and unique vegetation.

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