Transport in Barcelona

Barcelona has excellent transport and transport infrastructure, with good air, land, and maritime links.

El Prat Airport is just 10km away from Barcelona, and is the main gateway to the city for international travellers. There are direct flights to all of Europe’s major centres, and flights to Madrid on the Pont Aeri (air corridor) every 20 minutes.

In terms of maritime communications, Barcelona has one of the most important ports in Europe in terms of passenger and freight transport. It has also consolidated its position as the leading cruise port in the Mediterranean.

There is an extensive rail network in place for transport between the various cities in Barcelona province: the RENFE Rodalies service, and rail services provided by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Barcelona also has an extensive bus network and various underground rail lines that link up the suburbs of Barcelona. It also has a modern tram service that runs along the famous Avinguda Diagonal and links up with the various municipalities in the Baix Llobregat region.

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