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pic2Dear readership,

it’s me again, Ramon Lahme. I’m currently working for Engel & Völkers in the USA to learn more about the conditions and conventions of the American real estate market.
Last week my travel column started. This is my second travel report.

For starters: The American real estate market is huge! By no means comparable to the German or even European market.

My journey starts in New York, which has to be seen as another isolated market. Although you might think that market conditions are consistent in single national markets, you can’t in the USA. New York is quite different from the rest of the United States. The exact backgrounds are conditioned by the past and difficult to explain.

Engel & Völkers appears quite small compared to its competitors here, but the brand enjoys an excellent reputation and is here too linked with exclusivity and competence. With these values we have good chances to win over many agents for our new market center, which will open its doors this fall. The conditions that are being created here are hardly acquired by any other real estate company in New York. In addition the office is located in one of the best areas of the city and the opening of the market center will have a very positive effect on the existing shops. Many leads can be expected on both sides. Enough for now; thanks for reading!

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