Travel Tuesday: Caribbean

Santo DomingoThe Caribbean has long been one of the world’s favourite holiday destinations, but there’s far more to see here than just the idyllic beach views. It’s an incredibly diverse region, and every island has its own unique traits. As such, it’s important to do your research before deciding which one you should visit, so we’ve taken a closer look at three of our favourites to help you choose.

Thanks to the wide reach of the nation’s diaspora, Jamaica’s cultural iconography is well established globally. In other words, the whole world knows how Jamaicans like to work and play – the capital city of Kingston neatly sums up the country, where the hustle and bustle is offset by a distinctly laidback atmosphere. This is the trend throughout; as one of the first countries in the region to embrace tourism, it’s one of the busiest islands in the Caribbean, but this certainly hasn’t put a damper on the locals’ desire to take it easy and the atmosphere soon proves to be infectious.

Just north of Jamaica you’ll find Cuba, the biggest country in the Caribbean. This island nation has a fascinating history, and it’s only recently that the Cuban government has reversed its policy of not allowing nationals into some of the country’s tourist resorts. As a result, integration between visitors and locals is developing slowly but surely. In the meantime, Havana is an unforgettable destination, and the nation’s food and music is justly hailed by anyone who visits.

The most visited country in the Caribbean is the Dominican Republic, and it isn’t hard to see why. Its diverse geography, ranging from sandy beaches to the Caribbean’s highest mountain, means that hiking and climbing are just as prevalent as sunbathing and water sports. Speaking of water sports, nothing beats diving into the water off the island’s North Coast to find a variety of coral and wildlife. It’s also an emerging destination for golfers with 28 courses – designed by the likes of Nick Faldo and Jack Nicklaus – to be found across the island. For those in search of culture, Santo Domingo has numerous museums that detail the rollercoaster history of the nation; that history is also evident in the eclectic architecture, bearing the influence of the now-extinct indigenous Taínos people, the colonial settlers and subsequent centuries of mass migration.  Complete your trip with some unique shopping experiences in the Pulga de Antigüedades flea market or the two-storey Librería Cuesta bookshop, a visit to a relaxing spa or a quick bet in one of its casinos, and you’ll soon understand why so many people are making the island their home away from home.

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