Travel Tuesday: Home Of Santa Claus

Home of Santa ClausAlthough you might be most used to finding Santa Claus camping out in shopping centres, the jolly man in red actually has a fairly enviable – and sizable – property portfolio. In addition to his legendary North Pole compound, the jolly man in red also owns very real properties in Norway, Greenland, and in a hidden hamlet in Lapland named Joulukka.

This final 86-acre property appears to be Santa’s main base of operations, as his reindeer’s diet of lichen apparently wouldn’t be sustainable if they went any further north. Like many celebrities, Santa enjoys his privacy, and the Joulukka HQ certainly provides that. The Finnish landscape here is breathtakingly beautiful, with icy clear lakes, craggy hills and conifer forests surrounding the estate. In the evening it’s possible to see the Aurora Borealis dancing in the skies above, a phenomenon that attracts tourists from around the world to the northern reaches of Scandinavia.

In Lapland, however, visitors this far north tend to be here solely to pay a once-in-a-lifetime visit to the man himself, with more than 70,000 people arriving each winter. This region of Finland is a particularly popular holiday destination for families during December, as children get the chance to meet the real Santa and explore his base of operations. The property has all the fun of a theme park, with elves guiding the way through an enchanted forest and Mrs Claus providing platters of delicious local cuisine.

It’s clear that Santa and his team understand the year-round financial potential of such a large property within the Arctic Circle, and as a result the SantaPark is also available throughout the year for corporate team building retreats, meetings and even weddings! Certain fortunate visitors can also arrange private meetings with Santa Claus himself, to deliver that list of must-have Christmas presents in person.

Despite strong competition from other northern countries, it’s not too surprising to learn that Santa has based himself in Finland – at least for now. After all, it’s in a great location, with the capital city of Helsinki only an eight-hour flight from both New York and Beijing and a stone’s throw from St Petersburg. When you have to get around the world in one night, proximity is a clearly key factor in choosing a home.

Santa’s Finnish property also proves that the great man’s powers range beyond knowing exactly what do get each boy and girl for Christmas – he’s also a smart investor. Helsinki is currently the 12th most popular city in Europe for foreign investors, and is aiming to be in the top five by 2020. The city is currently undergoing a rapid expansion programme which includes exciting new developments like the “neighbourhood of lights,” which will be built to incorporate artistic light features and waterside saunas. Technology companies like Nokia already make their base in Espoo, an area of greater Helsinki now heavily populated by international tech companies. As young business people flock to the city, there’s no better time to invest in buy-to-let properties.

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