Using Smart Cars as Marketing Tools on Wheels

Smart is not just a car when it comes to our partner in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Christine Silva is one of our franchise partners who converted her successful real estate business to Engel & Völkers and has been continuously growing her portfolio of properties and sales.

She recently made headlines in the USA while driving around in her little Smart car, heralding a nod to the European basis of her business, with Engel & Völkers, and also getting some head-turns as she goes about her meetings. Christine was celebrated in the digital world with her hashtag participation in #madREskillz, a weekly twitter competition initiated by Inman News. The digital property portal celebrated her as winner of the week for interesting marketing techniques. Inman writer Teke Wiggen said the Smart car does ‘wonder’ for the broker’s brand.

Having seen her European colleagues use Engel & Völkers logos on their cars, Christine and her co-workers now drive the branded Smart to appointments and showings. Whilst the Smart car is popular in Europe, it certainly catches eyes in the States, she says. The vehicle is a marketing tool on wheels that helped Engel & Völkers Plymouth into the limelight, writes Inman correspondent Wiggen.

We fully support Christine and her great skills at sharing her love for premium real estate, while being environmentally friendly in her little sporty car. She is an ambassador for successful real estate agents who look to increase visibility using effective and unique marketing tools.

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