Very close to Barcelona, beachfront residential area

The Maresme coastline has currently become thepar excellence residential area in Barcelona. 84 Km of beaches from Barcelona to the Girona area. The good connections through the highway or by train in addition to 2 airports (Barcelona El Prat, Girona) provide a quick and easy access to Barcelona, Europe and the rest of the world.

All along the costline there are 6 Sports Harbours, 6 golf courses, sports facilities in all the villages, international schools, horseback riding centers, etc.

The Maresme costline enjoys an exceptional microclimate during the whole year. The agreeable sea breeze in addition to the shelter offered by the mountain, giving protection against the cold north winds, which makes the average temperature avoid strong contrasts and it is maintained the whole year between 10ºC in winter and 28ºC in summer.

Every village located in the area offers its own features, specific culture, festivals, gastronomy and infrastructures.

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