Wardrobe Solutions for Small Apartment Spaces


There never seems to be enough wardrobe space in this city, which begs the question: do we really not have enough room, or do we have far too many clothes? Chances are it’s a combination of both, which makes it important to consider and arrange our wardrobes very thoughtfully. Living with the daily stress of having to figure out what to wear, what goes where, or where things are is simply unnecessary. We can minimise this stress by organising our wardrobes well and making sure we can find our favourite wearable items every day in speedy fashion.

Especially for the typical small living spaces we inhabit in Hong Kong, we need to decide what square footage we are willing to realistically allocate to clothes. For fashion stylists and clutterbugs, this wardrobe space allotment might be every wall in the room, floor to ceiling. The rest of us could settle for a wide standing wardrobe and some clever seating storage and shelving. In order to decide on the best storage, we need to know roughly how many clothes we have and whether they can be folded or placed on hangers.

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