Was this you the last week?

You ran inside, threw your umbrella in the corner, dropped your wet jacket on the ground and went straight to the computer – and looked up pictures of gorgeous sunny Spanish beach houses and sun-drenched coasts. Sound familiar?

Enough of the wet socks, it’s time to trade up to sandals and find your “escape” from the grey and rain.

It’s one thing to plan a holiday to escape all this grey, but another dream entirely to buy that finca or beach house and have a permanent escape route out of this ever-hectic-weather-cycle.

Whether it’s the wild shores of Galicia for those who like wind in the hair or the elegance of the Bay of Biscay, for those who like to enjoy a glass of wine with sunset. Here is some inspiration where your dream house could be located, whether you are looking for an elegant place or a place for your family – Spain is the right choice for everyone:

Playas del Sardinero / Cantabria
Sands as white as your linens, the two kilometres long Playas Santander sways with Palms and is for those who love a sundown with their beloved. Touristy 100 years ago, Playas del Sardinero is now cherished for the rock in the middle of Jardines de Piquío. It is children-friendly if you’ve got the family in tow or great for those who are looking for local boutiques to shop in. We can recommend spending long Sunday morning hours reading newspapers at the cafes and bars along the promenade, with a little people-watching on the side.

Playas les Marines / Costa Blanca
Enough families around for your kids to find sandcastle buddies, this is a great beach town to wander down from your holiday house to just fall into the water. The waves break small and close to shore, making memorable “learn to swim” times with your kids as they test out their new floaties and pose for under-water photos. About 20 kilometres  of beach is ready to be explored with plenty of play equipment and surf sport companies offering a menagerie of blow-up bits and pieces to keep the family busy while you duck away for a quiet moment together with your love.

Praia de Carnota / Galicia
The bay laps against the shores like corduroy, a consistent ticking of paradise. Frequently voted in beach-beauty-pageants in the top 100 in the world, Carnota is not only a paradise for those escaping the grey of Northern Europe, but also for birds and migratory animals. Sandbanks and dunes can shelter you with a magazine and floppy hat while you join nature for a moment of unplugged perfection. The seven kilometre long beach sits before the Monte Pindo mountain rises and offers a great combo of land and sea. Perfect for your surf and turf, which we recommend for your weekend grilling at your holiday home in paradise.

Owning your own beach paradise home is the best way to survive the grey and dull of Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Just a short flight away, you can keep your bikinis, board-shorts and blow up mats ready for the emergency escape.

We’d love to help you find your dream escape home on the Spanish coast.
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