We drive residential projects to success

The division Engel & Völkers Project Marketing is specialized in the sale of condominiums in large residential complexes .  Due to it’s many years experience in specializing of high-quality real estate and excellent market knowledge combined with it’s national and international network, Engel & Völkers is the perfect partner as a project developer.

By the upcoming sale of a new construction, advises Engel & Völkers project developers in the planning and development of the new building. An early inclusion of Engel & Völkers in the planning is highly recommended.

We will support you through participation at all meetings and through constant exchange of information between developers and Engel & Völkers .  This enable us to identify potential negative planing decisions and solve problems timeously.


3 Phase – three good reasons to put your residential project in the hands of an expert:

Engel & Völkers assists you  from planning thorugh realisation up to marketing.

1. Designing stage: The best advice- thanks to our targeted land acquisition.

Each site has its own dynamics – therefore every project has its own challenges. It is profitable to trust the Know-How of a competent partner early in the planning phase. Engel & Völkers assists you as a project developer not only with the acquisition of  suitable land, also in the complete project process – from the construction licensing procedure up to the sampling of the décor. Thanks to the global Engel & Völkers database with its multiple active, solvent searching customers as well as our goal oriented analysis we inform you about all the necessary, to indentify  location specific trends and the individual wishes of potential customers at an early stage.

Our services in the designing stage:

  • Goal orientated and requirement analysis –eg . property acquisition
  • Location study on the basis of continious market- and trend research
  • Detailed market- and competition analysis
  • Recognition of use-specific characteristics of the market
  • Definition of the target audiences characteristics
  • Advance check of the development potential of the land
2. Planning phase: Perfectly equipped – from the planning to implementation.

Residential estates need to cope with many different requirements.  Besides the site, social state and personal environment, comfort and flexibility becomes more important every day. That is to say: Social and economic changes craving for a constructional and territorial adjustment – as well as an integrated, future-oriented change. Our real estate experts know how to accommodate customer desires with the current market- and living trends. With a well thought through project development concept together we make sure  that in the right place at the right time, the property standst hat express the wishes of your deisred target group, maximising your marketing success.

Our services in the planning phase:

  • General marketing project plannig guidance
  • Advice regarding the size and appearance of the layout
  • Assistance with planning the apartment mixes
  • Recommendations on the sampling of the décor
  • Established the market related price
  • Individual marketing concept
3. Marketing phase: Successfuly sold – with the right marketing concept.

Our common goal is to successfully position your property project in the best possible position on the market. Based on established analysis and marketing evaluations of your property project, we  make the potential of your project transparent  and develop in consulatation with you , a customized marketing strategy. Thanks to our global network and a variety of marketing tools a tour disposal, you will benefit from excellent connections and far-reaching perspectives.  For all matters you only have one partner – the best base, to market your project smoothly, quickly and efficiently. Of course we are also your contact regarding any other project related issues.

Our services in the planning phase:

  • Use of a specialized project team
  • Coordination of the entire project marketing
  • Generating sales documentation
  • Realization of viewings and Open-Houses
  • Sale of the existing property oft he purchaser
  • Ongoing reporting on all marketing activities
  • Complete takeover of the contract negotiations
  • Other project-related recommendations

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