West Coast: Properties in Sóller and Puerto de Sóller


Northwest Mallorca is a favourite tourist and residential destination with a typical Mediterranean style, The region is best known for its stunning landscapes, abundant lemon and orange groves.

The climate, the idyllic surroundings, the light, the town and the surrounding villages make this a fascinating place which attracts thousands of visitors every year. Soller old town features stately mansions with grand facades and elegant architecture reminiscent of South America which is quite unusual on Mallorca. Sóller’s famous antique railway starts at Plaza España in Palma and winds its way through the Tramuntana Mountains and the Sóller Valley. In 1997 the Sóller Tunnel was opened to connect this area with Palma cutting the journey time by half and avoiding a long drive over the mountains.

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Puerto de Sóller

Puerto de Sóller is a picturesque location in a sheltered bay which has been inhabited as far back as the stone Age. This region was so isolated from the rest of the island that since Medieval Times Sóller and its Port has exported citrus fruits to Southern France and a lively trading and cultural exchange developed around the Port. Today, especially in the summer, Puerto de Sóller is full of bustle as many tourists visit Sóller town and hop on the antique train to Puerto de Sóller. In the evening, when many of the day’s visitors have left, it resumes its relaxed pace. The two main beaches here are Platja den Repic and Platja den Través, these are sandy beaches and feature good facilities and an excellent range of cafes and restaurants along the Port’s promenade where visitors can eat, look out to sea and watch the fishermen at work.

One important development for this area is the new five star deluxe Jumeriah Hotel which is scheduled to open in 2012. This projects follows on from substantial foreign investment in the island primarily from major international hotel groups including Marriot, Arabella Sheraton, St. Regis Resorts and Hilton.

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