Where in the business of ‘Service’ when it comes to buying & selling property

At Engel&Völkers Phuket we offer what we consider the highest level of services to all our clients be it;

- Selling of Property

- Buying of Property

- Long-Term rental Property

After making the decision that you would like to either purchase a new property or sell your exisiting one, the next set of key questions you need to ask yourself is;

- How to go about finding the right property agent & what real estate agency is most suited to having the type of property I’m looking for in their portfolio, or who has the type of clients that would be interested in purchasing yours, and;

- Who should I turn to for help and advise and how to know if that are the right choice!

Well when it comes to high-end luxury property and property that represents quality and value we believe that the answer to these questions will be one of the easiest ones you have and the answer is the team at Engel&Völkers Phuket.

All of our staff have the skills needed to match the right property with the right buyer and to achieve the best possible results under prevailing market conditions.

When you have made your decision to sell a property, the next step is to appoint an estate agent who you can trust, who can guide you through the process and help you achieve the best price.  When appointing an estate agent, there are several aspects to consider.  Outlined below are some of the criteria which will help you choose the right agent for you

Recommendation - Speak to people who have already had good experiences with estate agents. Which company is the most proactive, which one is recommended again and again? Which one is the market leader?

Network - An estate agent who is part of a national or international network will expose your property to a larger market through its network of offices

Proven Track Record - Ask the agent if they are the right person to sell your property.  Have they sold a house like yours before? Do they have a proven track record of selling properties similar to yours? Have a good look at the range of properties offered by estate agents who have specialised in properties in your district. Which agent is particularly successful in your section of the market?

Standard of Professionalism - When you first approached the agent were you treated in a professional and courteous way? Are they knowledgeable about the market? Consider your impression of the office.  Is it a smart professional office with a team of efficient, helpful and friendly agents? The way in which an estate agency presents itself to you should give you an idea of how they will present your property to prospective buyers.

Advertising - Study the advertisement placed by agents.  Are they clear, in colour and do they provide correct and useful information? Will they show your property in the best possible light to attract buyers? Ask agents to explain their advertising approach. Where will your property be advertised?

Marketing - Ask the agent to explain their marketing strategy. Besides advertising in the local press, in what other ways will your property be marketed? Is the agent proactive? Any agent can take photographs and produce a set of particulars, but who receives those particulars? How many applicants do they have looking for this type of property? Will the agent go the extra mile to find a buyer for your property?

Property Details - Ask for some examples of an agents’ sales particulars.  Look at the quality. Are they professionally produced property details with good photographs, floor plans and accurate descriptions?

Internet Presence - With the ever increasing number of people using the internet to search for a property, compare agents’ websites. Is the website easy to use, clear and well publicized? Is the agent on an independent property portal?

Market Leaders - Buy the local paper and property magazines.  Who is providing the market comment?  Which agent has a comprehensive knowledge of the local market place?

In every town and city there are many estate agents from whom to choose.  Not all of them will have the right qualifications and meet the right criteria to give you the best possible result. It is worth investing some time and energy into selecting the right agent for you, an agent with whom you feel comfortable and with whom you feel you could work well, and therefore achieve the best price and enjoy a process that runs smoothly.

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