Why choose Engel & Völkers?

When you come to choosing your real estate agent when you are looking at either buy or selling property, it is important to remember that the way the company presents itself gives you a good idea of how it will present you as a client and if you are selling most importantly how they will represent your property.

Not all of the benefits offered by Engel&Völkers are of relevance for every project. Fortunately, most properties – like their owners – are individual and require individual marketing strategies.

As are buyers, it is important that the agent really gets to know the client and listens to what they are looking for, identifying their true needs and demands in securing the right property

We are a leading global real estate company with a great deal of experience and knowledge of the local market here in Phuket, specializing in facilitating the purchase and sale of premium quality residential properties and land in first class locations in Phuket.

Our unique property shop network and standardized systems guarantee a strong focus on customer service and serves to reinforce our unique brand identity.

Engel&Völkers has access to one of the largest international client database. With over 400 shops worldwide in 27 countries on 4 continents, it allows us to provide an international marketing network for your property and access to approximately 1 million registered clients globally.

We have a ever expanding network that has operations in such diverse locations as Hamburg, Berlin, Marbella, Cape Town, New York,  St  Petersburg, Cork, the UK, Miami, Beverly Hills, Dubai, Hong Kong, Macau and the Cote d’Azur. We will soon also have extensive coverage across Australia.

Engel&Völkers makes the digital access to a central data network possible for all their offices and for the up-to-date exchange of market data, customer wishes and properties. Engel & Völkers specifically offers your property to selected customers and uses all the consortiums’ synergies to win new target groups.

Engel&Völkers is a company of distinction – the premium real estate agency with its own brand and a focus on helping you to make the right choice for selling or buying a property in Phuket. We offer you proven strategies for success and an extensive service to achieve the best result for you – no matter if you are a buyer or seller.

Our Phuket shop is owned and operated by Double 8 Realty Co., Ltd who also own & operates the very successful E&V Hua Hin shop, and as of March 15th, 2009 are now the new Thailand Master Licensed Partner of Engel & Voelkers Asia-Pacific Ltd.

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