Why Engel & Völkers

Engel & Völkers is one of the largest bank-independent service
companies in the real estate sector, which has made prestige residential
and commercial its specialty.

• Engel & Völkers provides each office with direct electronic access to the
central database to ensure that market values, Customers requirements
and properties are exchanged and updated.

• Engel & Völkers offers concrete evidence of success and a number of
more varied services to reach the best result for you.

• Engel & Völkers underlines its success through offices that provide
great customer proximity in the local market and ensure that properties
are presented in the best way.

• The Engel & Völkers Company is represented by 474 offices
in 36 countries on 5 continents.

• Engel & Völkers currently employs a professional staff of over 3500

• Engel & Völkers instructs its staff in seminars on theory and practice
relating to important real estate issues. It also has its own Property
Academy, by which therefore provides a continuous and exhaustive

• Engel & Völkers follows actively over 10,000 international Clients
looking for real estate.

• Engel & Völkers offers personal, professional and consulting services,
through its staff, about the relative market. Of course, credibility and
discretion are our cornersotones.

• Engel & Völkers will offer your property to the right target customers
and will use the synergies within the group to reach additional target.

• Engel & Völkers will provide a full and detailed understanding of
the real estate market, the different types of properties, considering
how the demand situation that always affects prices.

• Engel & Völkers publishes in German, English, Spanish and French its
architecture-lifestyle GG magazine, in which the most prestigi

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