Why Engel & Völkers

Not all the benefits provided by Engel&Völkers are equally important for all projects. Fortunately, most clients and their properties are very individual, and thus also require an individual marketing concept.
Below you will find a list of the reasons seen from our point of view. Which particular criteria you feel to be most important in recommending that you work with Engel and Völkers will depend on you. We would be pleased to talk the matter over with you in person at any time.

Engel&Völkers is one of the largest bank-independent service companies in the property sector, which has made high-quality residential and commercial property its speciality.

Engel&Völkers offers you a proven recipe for success and a comprehensive range of services to get the best result for you.

Engel&Völkers underpins its success with property shops which guarantee great customer proximity in the local market and ensure that properties are presented in the best possible way.

The Engel&Völkers group of companies is represented in a more than 350 offices.

Engel&Völkers trains its staff in theoretical and practical training sessions related to relevant property themes at its own Property Academy, and offers comprehensive and further training.

Engel&Völkers takes care of over 100,000 international customers in actively seeking properties.

Engel&Völkers offers you a professional and personal support and consultancy service through its staff in the respective sub-segment of the market – It goes without saying that reliability and discretion are our watchwords.

Engel&Völkers will estimate the market value of your property, and, in discussion with experts, will research all the latent potential in your property.

Engel&Völkers will offer your property in a targeted way to a selected group of customers, and will use all the synergies within the group of companies to attract new target groups.

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