10 signs that you are a real estate agent

10 signs that you are a real estate agentIt may be true that no two real estate agents are the same, but if you’ve been in the business for more than a few years, there are some quirks and characteristics that you’re unlikely to have avoided developing. If this list resonates with you, take it as a sign that you’re in the right line of work – or it’s time to leave whatever else you’re doing and embrace real estate!

You neatly and promptly sort investment clients into one of three categories.

Some know exactly what they want to invest in and what they require in return. Others have some ideas that they’ll tailor to your suggestions. Those in the dreaded third category, though, have absolutely no idea.

You take enthusiastic clients with a pinch of salt…

It’s not that you don’t appreciate pro-active clients, but once you’ve rescheduled your entire day around a buyer’s insistent need to view a property that you know they won’t like (and been proved right) upwards of ten times, you do start to cultivate a healthily sceptical attitude. 

..and clients who insist on overpricing

Yes, you could put it on the market at that price, but you wouldn’t feel overly optimistic about receiving many enquiries!

The inside of your car and your office look the same

Interpreting “working on the go” in an entirely literal sense, your car’s glove box doubles up as a filing cabinet, the back seat is your meeting room and the dashboard has been known to moonlight as a desk when necessary. 

When someone asks you what you do, you don’t know where to start.

Interior designer, relationship counsellor, child minder, surveyor, advertising consultant, telemarketer, life coach, psychologist…

Your phone is permanently attached to your ear

Your itemised mobile bill makes for alarming reading – was there a point during the month when you weren’t on the phone?

You’ve got multitasking down to a fine art

The fact that you wouldn’t think twice about answering the phone while cooking, jogging or even unlocking your front door doesn’t just help to explain your phone bill, it also marks you out as a master multitasker. Having a solicitor on line one and a buyer from another sale on line two is all part of the fun.

Internet failures can ruin your day

You know that real estate agents functioned before the internet, but in this day and age, it’s neither practical nor pleasant to attempt it. 

You aim to retire wealthy

Yes, real estate can be a lucrative career – but anyone who retires wealthy is likely to have spent several decades putting their heart and soul into their work, carefully building a network of trusted clients who couldn’t be happier with their new homes. 

You know it’s not as easy as it looks 

Closely linked to the previous point, you’ll find you’ve inadvertently inspired some customers to attempt selling their own homes, convinced they don’t need to pay your fees. You know by now just to watch and wait – after all, they made the choice to learn the hard way. 

If you’ve been reading this nodding your head, chances are you’re a fully qualified real estate agent. With shops all over the world, Engel & Völkers always have opportunities for ambitious, talented applicants. Visit us online to find out more. 

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