101 things that are to do in Palermo at least once in a lifetime

What are the things you need for a really convince to choose Palermo? Here we have more than 101 good reasons, a guide, that involves all five senses and allows us to know, in a small way, the city to the smallest detail. Gilda Terranova, who lives in Palermo, has worked as a nursery, librarian, and animator. For ten years she teaches and in her book “101 things that are to do in Palermo at least once in a lifetime” she describes the wonders of the city through 101 locations. 101 routes, which show us the city as a really cosmopolitan, that reflects a vibrant and constant metamorphosis. 101 ways to enjoy the charms of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Palermo is a fascinating mix of cultures that have lived together for centuries, which has filled the city with unique locations. It is immediately possible to fall in love with this city, with its narrow streets, underground passages, small shops and markets… A guide for enjoying the day and for creating the evening more interesting. Palermo enchants with its mysterious corners, traditions and legends, but also with its geographical location, next to the sea and embraced by mountains. The many colors and the hospitality of the inhabitants of Palermo awaken confidence and joy.


101 Libro


Certainly a special handbook about the city with its many tips and advices for the discovery of the true life of Palermo, the sights, the smells and tastes, that are hard to find in a classic guide. The author takes us by the hand to bring us to different places where the confines (not only geographically, but also those of the ideals, between myth and reality) are mixed. It’s like the lovely picture postcard with the mountains, which juts out of the sea. A city that you can enjoy without ever getting tired, because there are always to find new, mysterious and hidden treasures.


After have eaten arancine, pane e panelle, crocchi and pane ca ‘meusa, seen the sunset from the top of Monte Pellegrino, admired the mosaics of the Martorana, tasted a brioche and untertaken a tour by bike in Palermo, the students of the Università di Palermo translated this book in eight different languages, although they were able to express mastered their impressions in the native language as well as in Italian. An excellent collection of ideas for those who want to experience Palermo, but also for those who already know the city and would like to learn more and more about Palermo, its culture and daily life.

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