7 Principles on How to Leave a Legacy

  1. Ettiene Pretorius, License partner and principle of Engel & Völkers Pretoria New East, recently had the opportunity to spend an entire week on Necker Island, alongside Sir Richard Branson himself.


When asked about how he was able to achieve this, he had the following advise to share: 7 Principles on How to Leave a Legacy.


  1. 1.       Keep It Simple

In the era we live in, we are bombarded with too much information and too many products. This tend to confuse people and make already hard decision a lot more difficult. Successful people simplify these information and products to solve problems for the everyday person. A confused mind cannot buy or make decisions.


  1. 2.       Create Passive and Multiple Streams of Income

First you have to determine why you want it. If the reason is to retire, you will fail, but if the reason is to free up your time to spend on new ventures, you will achieve it. Passive and multiple streams of income is NOT there for your retirement, it is there for your peace of mind, to be able to start anew every month.

Be a risk taker.


  1. 3.       Easy Money

Like gambling, if you risk big you win big. But like gambling if you risk big you lose big. With quick money, if you are lucky enough to succeed, it is not sustainable. Easy money is unrealistic, short term and with no sustainable growth. NO value is created in short term growth, but only in years of fine tuning, building structures and procedures.


  1. 4.       Lead Conversations With Questions

The quality of questions will create the quality of the outcome of your conversation. It is not how many questions you ask, but to ask the right ones. Why? The person with the right questions, will get the right answers and dominate those who don’t. Successful people control negotiations by having the right answers.

First seek to understand before being understood.


  1. 5.       Take Action

You can say yes and no in life, maybe does not exist, it is the same as no. If you say no and there was an award to be earned, earn from it. If you say no and there was a lesson to be learned, learn from it. If you say yes, and there was a rewards to be earned, earn from it. And if you say yes and there was a lesson to be learned, learn from it.

Vision without action is just a dream. Say yes, and take action.


  1. 6.       Make Every Second Count

To be able to make every second count you need clear cut written down goals. Reach to your highest value, based on your purpose in life. Never lose focus of those goals. Keep driving towards them.


  1. 7.       Create Context

Every action you take creates perception. That perception is your reality. Taking action leads to experience and these experiences validates your perceptions. The biggest mistake unsuccessful people make, is trying 100 things once and to see that as the reality, successful people try 1 thing 100 times and on multiple levels, that creates context.

See the bigger picture. Create the bigger perception.

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