A dream property in Valldemossa

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Mallorca is known for its stylish ranch houses, magnificent villas and a relaxed, holiday mood. You will be particularly impressed by the happy-go-lucky atmosphere and picturesque architecture in Valldemossa. Moreover, tourists are comparatively rare here. This means that you can live here and enjoy a relaxing lifestyle.


Unique courtyard and fountain of a natural stone villa in Valldemossa

Courtyard of a unique natural stone villa in Valldemossa, Mallorca


Today’s the big day! You’re moving in to your newly purchased villa on Mallorca. The moving truck is waiting outside the door of your house – all it needs is a few hard workers to unpack it. The movers are carrying closets, chairs, tables and a heavy but extremely practical teak desk from the truck into your villa.


Suddenly, you hear a loud knocking nearby. When the pounding noise fails to stop, you turn your head and see a cheerful looking woman who waves at you. You hesitantly raise your hand and return the greeting.


At least the new neighbors seem to be very sociable. But you have enough on your mind already: there’s a huge amount to be organized; for instance you still need to plug in the refrigerator and check the electricity supply.


“Señora?” It’s time for the man from the moving service to say goodbye. After everyone has left and all the furniture in the ranch has been arranged, you savor the moment and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the view from your new home.


“Señora?” As you open your eyes, you see the face of your friendly neighbor through your window. She’s brought you a glass of water to cool you down.


After you’ve introduced yourself in Spanish and announce that you’ll soon be living and working here, your neighbor gives you a few tips, going into detail about the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range and the Port de Valldemossa. Unfortunately you don’t manage to understand everything as you still have to get used to the rapid speech patterns. It doesn’t matter however, as your neighbor’s kindness is clear and the most important information is easily understood.


You’ve found your dream property, the furniture is all safely in place and you’ve made your first contact with the locals. That’s how your new life in Valldemossa on Mallorca could get off to a perfect start.


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