A house just for you in Nivelles

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There are many great properties and great pieces of real estate in Belgium. But only one villa among the many houses is the one for you. Your real estate agent has shown you that it’s not just about having a beautiful flat or a sizeable property – the surroundings matter, as well.

Property in Nivellis with terrace, deck chair, and a lake in the middle of nature

Property with sun terrace and lake, Nivelles, Belgium

L’art por l’art – you’re probably familiar with this quote. It means “art for art’s sake”. Nowadays, this idea of art is widespread. Expensive portraits are purchased simply for personal enjoyment and are then placed in magnificent villas to further adorn them.


But art is more than just pretty decor – as you will find yourself thinking repeatedly when visiting the County Museum of Archaeology, Art, and History. Because behind the art there are always people who want to tell a story or impart a message. Pieces of art often carry the peculiarities of an era’s attitude towards life – art and history are inseparably intertwined. So look forward to a very educational visit to this museum.


Here, you’ll notice that art needs to be preserved and protected for us to be able to understand how people used to live. Elaborate restoration has to be performed for a whole host of skilfully constructed pieces so that posterity will still be able to enjoy them.


In this case, art facilitates insights into past times. The history of a country must not be forgotten, as the lifestyles and developments of former times can still influence life in the present, for example in Nivelles, in your house complete with a wonderful property. Only meticulous analysis, great curiosity, and a pronounced spirit of adventure can keep the history of the country you live in, Belgium, alive. That is why archaeologists have been hard at work making instructive finds explainable and understandable for the general public, all with the utmost attention to detail. And all for you! Allow yourself to be spirited away by this museum into a past full of long-lasting impressions. So use this unique chance and educate yourself!


When you’ve finally arrived back at your villa after the visit to the museum, this fascination won’t let go of you so quickly.


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