A perfect property in Santa Ponsa

Finally your dream house is not just a dream anymore, but has become reality in the shape of a beautiful villa in Santa Ponsa.


View from a villa in Santa Ponsa

The view from the balcony of the pool and the Mediterranean Sea, Santa Ponsa, Mallorca


Here the famous sport Deep Water Solo is practised at PonsaROCK.. You’ve probably heard of Chris Sharma already: He was the first man to climb the numerous rock cliffs on Mallorca so well that he even set a world record.


So if you want to spend your free time not merely with cultural activities, but also stay up-to-date when it comes to sports, this is your chance. Extreme athletes at PonsaROCK always appreciate a breathless audience that admires their climbing combinations as if transfixed.  For the most part, you won’t be able to keep yourself from applauding when watching these athletes perform a masterful move.


But if watching the high rock cliffs is giving you neck pains and you need a little break, drop by the celebrity café “König von Mallorca” (King of Mallorca). This establishment in the middle of Santa Ponsa was opened by a German singer.


Perhaps you’ve heard the title “Der König von Mallorca” (The King of Mallorca)? Does that seem familiar somehow? Jürgen Drews became famous with this title, as he proclaimed himself King of Mallorca in one of his songs.


He is mostly known for his many successes as a German Schlager singer. Famous hits from him were, among others, “Ich bau dir ein Schloss” (I’ll build you a castle) or “Über uns ist nur der Himmel” (Above us there’s only heaven). These songs are quite catchy an might even get you to sing along in the warm Mallorcan sun.  


And if you’d prefer some peace and quiet, just return to your comfortable villa and drink a latte on your sun-kissed patio.


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