A property in a small town called Valldemossa on Mallorca


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Now you’re the proud owner of a villa on Mallorca: Your luxury property is the crème de la crème: Sizeable, ostentatious, perfectly decorated and with a magnificent view on the Tramuntana Mountains. Many people will envy you for this house in Valldemossa.

Edge of a rocky cliff in the Tramuntana Mountains, Valldemossa, with a view on the ocean

View from the Tramuntana Mountains on the ocean, Valldemossa, Mallorca

If you have some free time, it’s really worth it to make a short trip by car to the Port de Valldemossa. You should be especially careful during the drive – the steep serpentines can make you head spin. Especially during the height of the season the street is often busy, so you frequently have to stop to let cars from the other direction pass.


But once you’ve arrived, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by a small, humble harbour. The port is surrounded by a small bay. If you feel like it, you can relax on the small beach close by. Get your picnic basket and your deckchair with blue stripes out of the car and enjoy the calm of this small beach.


There’s also an inviting bathing beach. You’re wondering why you barely see anyone in the water? The ground holds many pebbles, which may be somewhat uncomfortable for your feet. But if you need to cool down, grit your teeth a little and simply jump into the cool blue. There’s nothing better than a good refreshing swim in the ocean – even if the pebbles prick a little. If you’re a little careful with your steps, you can still enjoy a good bath in the ocean.


The harbour of Port de Valldemossa just goes to show once again that you don’t need a huge luxury marina to draw some attention. It’s much more about learning to appreciate the inimitable beauty of each harbour. Because whether there are luxury yachts or not: the important thing is that you feel good and spend a beautiful day here, one that you’ll glady remember again and again.


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