A villa in Hasselt like a dream: Only in Belgium

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You have decided to buy some beautiful real estate in Hasselt, Belgium. Be it a villa, a fancy house, or a spacious flat: What matters most to you is a large property and ample living space. The real estate agent and you have looked at many flats and quite a few properties already. Out of all candidates, a luxurious house in Hasselt impressed you the most.

Driveway with view on a modern, timeless villa in Hasselt

Modern villa, Hasselt, Belgium

But exciting discoveries are not limited to everyday life – books hold traces of the seemingly unremarkable Hasselt, as well. Just take a closer look around. You simply need to be attentive when you stroll through the province. Always keep you eyes and ears open, so that you don’t miss a single thing.


If you’ve got a passion for the Middle Ages or maybe even devour books on heroic poetry, you’ve probably heard of the name Heinrich von Veldeke.


You’ve heard the name but can’t quite place it? Perhaps this poet brings the names Hartmann von der Aue or Wolfram von Eschenbach to mind? All were poets employed by noble courts in the 12th century, and all of them wrote courtly novels like, for example, the famous Parzival (also known as Percival in English).


Many of the poets of this time named Heinrich von Veldeke as their role model. Heinrich von Veldeke was a poet from the Middle Ages, mostly doing court-commissioned work. He was actually born not far from Hasselt. Among other things, he translated pieces of the French Roman de Thebes. But Heinrich von Veldeke’s real passion was the minnelied, a German lyrical song tradition that usually dealt with the topic of courtly love. He was famous for his minnelieder and is held in high esteem for them by literary critics. He wrote his songs in the local dialect of Maasland and Limburg. In this form of art, he expressed his courting of women, received much respect and drew large crowds.


So you see, you there is a lot of history to be found even in a seemingly unremarkable place like Hasselt. Nowadays, it’s easy to make amazing experiences even if you leave your villa and magnificent property. So embark on a journey of discovery and find your very own, personal connection to Hasselt.


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