Agent of the month – Estelle Smidt

Estelle Smidt


How long have you been an agent and what did you do before?
I have been an agent for the past 2 years, first in rentals and now migrating into sales. My previous life was in Department store sales and marketing.


What is one thing that no one else may know about you?
I poledance for fitness


Describe yourself in three words.
Professional, approachable, honest


What is in your fridge?
Bubbly, mascarpone, bacon and eggs


What are the main principles that you stick to in your working life?
Treat people the way you want to be treated (in everything I do)


Where is your favourite place to drink red wine by a log fire in Cape Town?
Hmmm… don’t have a favourite… any red wine, any log fire


Book or movie?


Mountain or sea?
Both (Cape Town has spoiled me)


Curry or roast?
Both (food addict)


Jazz or classical?


Cat or dog?


Sushi or afternoon tea?