Agent of the month – Hans de Lange

How long have you been an agent for and what did you do before? I have been an estate agent for 8 years. In my “previous life” I worked for 5-Star European airline in various financial management positions in different countries in Europe and Africa. My last position was with IATA as regional manager Southern Africa


How do you balance work and play? It’s difficult most times as work is my priority; I plan to exercise daily, however it does not always work. Theatre and movies also help me a lot to get my mind set in a different direction, to relax.


Your favourite way to spend a rainy Sunday Playing bridge, spending quality time with friends or simply getting up to date with work that was “left behind”, depending how rainy it is…


Describe yourself in three words. Positive People’s Person!


Main principles that you stick to in your working life Stay focused, my clients are my priority and team spirit is essential to success


Favourite Cape Town corner Pepenero and Sotano, both in Mouille Point


Your four perfect supper guests, (could be someone famous or personally known to you eg. friend/family).

Sergio Marcchione (CEO Fiat/Chrysler) – Juliana Moore (actress) – Queen Maxima of the Netherlands (driving force behind micro lending worldwide) and Stelios Haji-Ioannou (founder of Easyjet)


Coffee or rooibos? coffee


Book or movie? Book and movie


Gym or hike? hike


Mountain or sea? Mountain and sea


Curry or roast? curry


Jazz or classical? classical


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