Agent of the month – Jenni Leibbrandt


Jenni Leibbrandt


How long have you been an agent for and what did you do before? 

 I have been an agent for almost 10 months. I previously worked in the Hospitality industry, in Hotels.


Describe yourself in three words? 

Bubbly, blonde, determined


What is in your fridge? 

Cake, juice, salad, leftovers


What is your travel ‘wish list’ ? 

I would love to back pack around Europe and America – to see as much as I can. I find the world out there fascinating, no matter where it is.


If you weren’t an agent what would you be? 

A Tiger – So majestic. Or on a more serious note, maybe a Life Coach.

Where is your favourite place to watch a Cape Town sunset? Camps Bay Beach


Coffee or rooibos? 

Definitely coffee


Gym or hike? 

Ummmm…. hike


Mountain or sea? 



Curry or roast? 

Definitely roast


Cat or dog? 

Both (but if I have to choose, dog)


Car or bike?