Alcúdia – the Location for your Property!

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No matter if you’re looking for a villa, finca or simply a modest house – it’s worth it getting a property in n Alcúdia on Mallorca Island. This is the place for a relaxed life and a new home.


Since you’ve been residing on Mallorca Island in Alcúdia, you’ve made a habit out of one thing: Standing in your peaceful garden,, just on time for the sunrise, just to enjoy the impressions of this natural spectacle. The variety of the reds flowing into each other, at first blooming in bright red like fresh strawberries in your morning cereal, then turning slowly into a beautiful orange color, like a glowing volcano, until they ultimately disappear into a golden tone within the sky.


Unique view of the sea as seen from a villa in the best location in Alcúdia

Villa with an unparalleled view, Alcúdia, Mallorca


A lot of things have changed for you since you’ve been living in your finca in Alcúdia. Most of your friends were very sceptical about your new beginning on Mallorca Island: The media often suggests that Mallorca is solely a party island, where every night consists of wild nightouts in fancy night clubs that ultimately lead to partying in your own villa afterwards.


However, your friends and the media have projected an image of Mallorca that truly doesn’t exist as suggested. Mallorca Island, and especially Alcúdia, is rich in culture and a social and sophisticated form of togetherness.


Even though people here love to party, deep personal development is not excluded and presents a major stimulant for the islanders lives. Mallroca is more than just a popular Tourist destination. Here, you will rediscover your long-lost cultural Interests.


The language and the people have had a positive impact on you and have allowed for you to become a completely new person. Compared to your inner wealth, your fancy finca is only an exterior sideeffect, that’s visible to others.


Now, you can tell your stunned friends the incredible stories about Alcúdia and its surroundings on the phone. You;ve now turned into an explorer – you’ve curiously canvassed the rock cave of Sant Marti, just as you have researched the historic city center and the mediecal town wall.


You’ve even visted some churches: the Church Sant Jaume and the Esglesia Parroquia. Your next trip is going to be the Natural Reserve “Reserva Natural Especialde S’Albufereta”, that’s located on the border of Alcúdia and Pollensa.


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