Andratx – The ultimate location for your Finca

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Mallorca is not only a popular travel destination, but also an island very popular for its Real Estate Properties. Some of the villas already have an owner here – so hurry up and start looking around for your Dream House.


Andratx is located in the Western part of Mallorca. You’ve chosen this community for the fact that it features a Yacht Club in Port Andratx, amongst others. Catamarans, Yachts, and Speed boats are at home here.


Pool of a Finca in Andratx, with plenty of sun loungers, surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants

Romantic villa invites for relaxation in Andratx on Mallorca


Especially if you haven’t been on Mallorca and Andratx for too long, it may be that you will be too cautious, since you’re not yet used to the many new and unfamiliar things here: The language, the customs and the culture must first find a way into your life.


Yet, there’s no reason to worry so much if you’re buying a new house. You always learn something useful and ultimately enrich your life with new experiences and impressions in a matter of only few days. Don’t get intimidated – Be courageous! You’ve already acquired some information prior to the purchase of your Property: Andratx is located on the coastal and montain scenery. On radiant and sunny summer days or fresh and cool Fall days, the Tramuntana Mountains just call for an exciting hike.


If you actually want to visit a somewhat secluded location, the ruins of La Trappa are very suitable. La Trappa is located on former monastery grounds in the southwest of the Tramuntana Mountains. The former monestary itself stands inmidst of a nature reserve.


In its second meaning, the word Trappa refers to Trappists. The so-called ‘Trappists’ are a Catholic monastic order with a particular habit. On the way to the ruins, you’ll encounter a fabulous view of the sea and simply enjoy the tranquility of nature.


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