Annika’s insider tips: Brooklyn, Queens and Harlem

Annika's insider tips: Brooklyn, Queens and HarlemCloser than ever before! Our Junior Expansion Manager, Annika Osche, is going to New York City on a tour of discovery. Over the weeks to come, she will be reporting her experiences in the Big Apple and with the US property market. Here, she shares her experiences with us and talks more about the highlights of her time abroad. Today she introduces us to the New York City away from the usual tourist routes!


“For those of you who would love to experience more than the typical sights from the travel guide, I really recommend that you leave Manhattan behind and experience the “real NYC”, as some are now calling it. Brooklyn and Queens are particularly worth a mention here, but Harlem too should not be missed out.Annika's insider tips: Brooklyn, Queens and Harlem

Harlem, which is far less dangerous during the day than it is typically portrayed, is incredibly multicultural. When you come out of the subway you feel like you are in Latin America: Warmly recommended for Latino and Salsa lovers and culture enthusiasts! My insider tip: Every Saturday during the warm months you can dance salsa outdoors on 116th Street between 12pm and 6pm and then finish off the evening relaxing in the ‘Harlem Tavern’ beer garden a few blocks up.

Also worth noting, is Brooklyn, including Williamsburg for art, hipster and culture enthusiasts, with lots of graffiti, the latest trends, iconic bars and interesting people. I drank my first ever vegetable smoothie there and then became a fan of freshly squeezed juices.

Last but not least I recommend, Queens. Astoria, a part of Queens (north of the Queensboro Bridge and Long Island City) is a really lovely area with many small restaurants and shops. Here you have everything from health-food and Asian shops to frozen yoghurt ice-cream parlours. Having dinner on the terrace of a Greek restaurant, you quickly forget that you are in a world metropolis. It’s only later when you walk through Astoria Park and view the Manhattan skyline that you are reminded again of being in the US.

Annika's insider tips: Brooklyn, Queens and HarlemAnnika's insider tips: Brooklyn, Queens and Harlem

My favourite place in Queens is in Long Island City and it is called Hunters Point South Park. This is the stopping point for the ferry which continues on to Bushwick and Williamsburg and then to Brooklyn. It stops first at Manhattan’s 34th street and then travels south on the East River (by the way, it is a less time-consuming alternative to all the tourist boats too – and no waiting in queues!). Hunters Point South Park is beautiful day and night and is very safe! If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Manhattan briefly, you can relax with a cool drink or simply enjoy the skyline in the sun. This gorgeous view must be one of the reasons why many new buildings are being built in Long Island City – but more on that next Sunday…

All the best

Annika Osche”


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