Antwerp – the province bridging old and new

You’ve been looking for real estate for some time now and were shown many unique properties in Belgium by your real estate agent – now you’ve finally found a villa that suits you. This extensive property seems like it has been made just for you. Your new house is a dream, your apartment is the crème de la crème, now your life here can start properly!

Large villa with garden and a fountain in the pond

House in Antwerp with garden and pond


Of course you always like to further your education, and Antwerp is just the place for that, because Antwerp is a city of art, culture, and history. Here, sights old and new have united over time to remind you how important it is to occasionally take a look at the past. The Print Room of the Museum Plantin-Moretus will show you how people express themselves through art, in the past and in the present.


The Print Room holds prints, drawings, and copperplate engravings from 18th century masters as well as contemporary artists. Here you’ll find works of art by Peter Paul Ruben and other famous figures.


Around this many pieces of art, it’s easy to be drawn into the stylistic sophistication of single works, to lose track of time and not even notice how long you’ve been looking at a drawing.


But the real finesse of an art can only be grasped and understood by those who practice it themselves – which is what the employees of this museum realized: If you want, you can participate in the workshops they offer and create something yourself. Be it as bookbinder, printer, or engraver: Here, you’ll experience how it feels to create something of your own, perhaps even a real piece of art.


After a long visit to the museum you might want to get some fresh air to return to a life beyond art. But before that, you absolutely have to visit the Renaissance garden – just allow yourself to be surprised!


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