How to Apply for a Job in Property


Whether you’re a new graduate or an experienced professional looking for a career change, the property industry can be an extremely attractive prospect. As the international property market picks itself up after a difficult few years, there’s a real sense of excitement in the business. Even in times of financial difficulty, people are still buying and selling houses, particularly in the luxury marketplace; and helping people find and secure their dream home makes for a truly rewarding career.

The first step on any career path is applying for that first job, and property is no different. It’s important to ensure that your application is well thought-out and represents you at your very best. It’s your first impression, after all, and the only thing standing between you and an interview.

Focus on your existing experience

Experience is the most important aspect for potential employers. If you don’t have any existing experience within the property industry, you can use experience in other roles to showcase why you would be the right candidate for the job. Highlight any previous sales experience and roles that focused on relationship building.

Employers don’t like to see any gaps on a CV. If you took time out to go travelling, include this alongside a few bullet points showcasing skills you learned at the time, such as negotiating in a foreign language.

Take the time to answer questions fully

Some application forms will include in-depth questions, which are often motivation based. Some firms will ask questions along the lines of “tell us in 500 words why you believe you are suited to a career with us” while others focus on your relevant skills and experience, posing questions such as “please give an example of how you have adapted your own communication style to deal with different clients”

Writing the perfect answer can take some time: this is not something that can be rushed through in a coffee break. The first set of questions aims to find out what you already know about the company, so do your research. For skills-based questions, think about examples from your personal life as well as professional situations. Write these answers out fully and concisely, by using the tried-and-tested STAR (Situation, Task to complete, Action taken, Result) approach.

Make the most of your covering letter

Some companies, including Engel & Völkers, have a straightforward application process asking for only a CV and a covering letter. This isn’t an excuse not to prepare: the covering letter should act as an essay explaining why you’re right for the job. A good covering letter will detail the reasons that you want to work in property, what your career aspirations are and explain how your existing skills could benefit the company, as well as showing some evidence that you understand the company’s background and current performance.

There are lots of excellent job opportunities with Engel & Völkers. With over 400 locations in countries around the world, we’re always looking for new talent and our roles reflect the many needs of our organisation: available vacancies can range from Intern to Sales Director. Specialising in luxury commercial and residential property, a role at Engel & Völkers is the perfect way to make your mark on the world of real estate.

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