Back on Saturday the “Nuotata dell’Eremo”

Back on Saturday the “Nuotata dell’Eremo” Saturday, July 26th will be a special day for the Lake Maggiore, the nineteenth edition of the “Nuotata dell’Eremo” a classic for fans of swimming that will challenge themselves in the two distances 4:01 , 5 km away. The annual edition will be characterized by the presence of the Piedmont Section of the Italian Team Rescue Dogs, which will give two proofs of its business – in the morning in Stresa, from 10 to 11, and the afternoon in Reno around 14 – and alongside the athletes during the crossing.
There will also be a steamer that will give the signal to start with its own puff and the massive and indispensable intervention of more than 50 kayakers who in turn will support the swimmers and will support them during the journey. About 500 members from all over the world. The departure from Stresa is scheduled for 11:45 am, while the afternoon will start the race from Reno to 15.30. Registrations are still open and will be until the beginning of the competition.


Ville in vendita a Stresa

Reno, Villa Maria-dicembre3504

Ville in vendita a Reno