From Barcelona to Beijing and Seoul.

Air China will debut in May between Barcelona – Beijing, and Asiana Airlines Barcelona – Seoul route.



On May 5 Barcelona – El Prat Airport will achieve one of his top goals: direct connection with China. Air China will debut that day a route between Barcelona and Beijing, which will be operated four days a week. The flights will be operated with aircraft Airbus 330-300, which can travel around 300 passengers (30 in business class). Four weekly flights will leave Beijing every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: they take off from Beijing to the 2.10 morning local time and will arrive in Barcelona to the 9.40 (local time). For the Barcelona-China route, flights will leave Barcelona at 1140 hours and reach Beijinga the 6.20 in the morning of the next day.




With this route, Air China will become the only airline that will connect Barcelona with China, and El Prat Airport has three routes to Asia, the Singapore Airlines (Barcelona-Singapore), Air China (Barcelona – Beijing) and Asiana Airlines Barcelona – Seoul.




Emirates operates successfully the Airbus A380 route Dubai – Barcelona daily service of the A380 of Emirates, which has 517 seats, connects Barcelona with Dubai as well as with key destinations in Australia, the Indian subcontinent and the far East.

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