Barcelona, the host city of the Peter Dale cup Challenge (Pony Mounted Clubs European Cup)

barcelona equestrian challenge

The city of Barcelona will be organizing this week end the first stage of the Pony Mounted Games Clubs European Cup, one of the most important competitions in the equestrian world.


This international, top-ranking event, part of the Barcelona Equestrian Challenge, takes place on 12 and 13 April 2014, at the Barcelona Royal Polo Club.


The Peter Dale Cup, which consists of five stages over a season, the last of which is regarded as the final part of the competition. Over 150 jockeys are expected to take part, hailing from France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Germany and Spain.


Developed in the 1950s by Sir Norman Patrick in Great Britain, the Mounted Games are based on the British tradition of show-jumping sports. It is a combination of command over an animal –based on expert training- and medieval games. The Mounted Games are an extraordinary exercise of dexterity on a pony (horses no more than 1.50 metres in height).


A basic part of the Pony Games requires respectful treatment, towards not just the animals (aids such as whips and spurs etc., are banned) but also the other competitors and any infringement of these rules is penalised.


This European Cup, known also as the Challenge Peter Dale, is an official competition from the International Mounted Games Association (IMGA) and considered one of the most important events in this equestrian discipline.