A beautiful villa in Keerbergen

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Terrace of a villa in Keerbergen in the middle of nature and right next to a lake

Villy by the lake, Keerbergen, Belgium

It’s true that you and your family have always dreamt of owning a fancy villa or a spacious house, and here everyone has enough space for  him- or herself. With this many rooms, every member of the family can almost have their own little flat. You children will be enthusiastic, since you’ve finally found the property of your dreams.


But even if you don’t have any children or partner to share a house with, in Keerbergen, just taking in the view on a house will make you happy! You’ll get to know knew people really quickly, and here, strangers quickly turn to friends. One place where this happens is the golf club in Keerbergen. Good-humoured professionals are just as welcome as focused amateurs here. The huge golf course has much to offer: Fairways, Putting Greens – everything a golfer’s heart could want.


In many golf clubs, the water obstacle is a special event: At this point you’ll be able to show off your hard-earned skill. You really have to focus very hard, have a good feeling for distances, and show some self-confidence. Even the most shy of people will chat away here and exchange tips with other golf enthusiasts!


At the end of the day you can take it easy with your new acquaintances and have a nice talk with them on the terrace of the golf club. You’ll notice quickly that there are many inviting houses in Belgium that are all admired by many people. So if you don’t hit the golf ball quite as well as you’d like, you can always start talking about your newly bought house – because happiness is sometimes more than just being the best at golf.


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