Bilbao, fourth most attractive city in Southern Europe for foreign investors

Bilbao has taken the fourth place in the ranking of the Most Attractive cities in Southern Europe for foreign investors. This ranking was created to measure the interest of direct foreign inversion in cities. Ahead of Bilbao we find Barcelona, Lisbon and Oporto.


According to the Town Council of Bilbao, the economic newspaper “Financial Times” has placed Bilbao in the 4th position in Southern Europe. If we look towards Europe Bilbao would be in the ninth position (towns with 200.000 to 750.000)


Behind Bilbao we find Valencia, Madrid, Murcia, Skopje (Macedonia), Seville and Malaga. Both results show that Bilbao is placed between the top European cities to generate business opportunities. This ranking, published every two years under the name “ European Cities and Regions of the future 2014/2015” appeared in the Financial Times magazine FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).


The report acknowledges the strategies put in place by these cities to attract foreign investors. In this section, Bilbao was placed in the fourth position of the Southern Europe cities ranking too, which means that it is placed at the head of the list of European cities when it comes to developing strategies to attract investors. In this same section Bilbao is placed in the seventh position if we look at the ranking of medium-sized European cities.


This prominent position in the “European Cities and Regions of the future” ranking is an “acknowledgement of the work that the Town Council has put in place to favour the economic activity of the city, as well as promoting the organisation of events destined to attract foreign investors, as it happened last November when the USA WEEK – Europe business event took place”


In order to create this ranking by city, the “Financial Times” has taken into account indicators such as the creation of new spaces and infrastructures for this purpose, improving and maintaining the connectivity of the city, the promotion of Bilbao as an attractive economic environment and maintaining a high-standard quality of life.

They valued the incentives devised for the creation of new businesses, the existence of a highly qualified population and the international promotion of the city.   

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