Book “Männer – Leben, Träume und Passionen”: Portrait about Christian Völkers

Cover Bild_Männer - Leben, Träume und PassionenWhat does Christian Völkers, CEO of Engel & Völkers AG, have in common with Karl Fürst von Hohenzollern, Rolf Sachs and Claus Hipp? They are all extremely successful personalities and they are all subjects of a coffee table book, just published, entitled “Männer – Leben, Träume und Passionen” (“Men – Lives, Dreams and Passions”). The authors Jeannette Gräfin Beissel von Gymnich and Theodor Tantzen profiled a total of 20 entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, actors and aristocrats for their book, exploring the question of what lies behind these public figures.

A 12-page spread features a very personal portrait of Christian Völkers. In it he describes how he wrote the so-called “E&V Fibel” (E&V handbook) over a period of three months in 1986 and how Engel & Völkers has since grown into an internationally successful company. His love of Majorca is also dealt with in the book. In response to the question of what made him decide to buy his 500-year-old estate on the Mediterranean island, Christian Völkers has a clean-cut answer: “The location convinced me.” Another important theme for the portrait was his passion for polo. “There is an understanding between humans and these highly sensitive animals that only works when both rely on one another,” said Christian Völkers by way of explanation for his fascination for the game.

The book “Männer – Leben, Träume und Passionen” is available (in German only) for 49.95 euros on Amazon.



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