Buy to Rent Barcelona

Buy to Rent Barcelona: It is a countrywide phenomena that rental properties are becoming increasingly more expensive for tenants.

This situation could result in tenants deciding rather to become proud owners of possibly their first property and

for property investors to increase their property portfolios, as in some areas it is becoming cheaper to own than

to rent.

For a buyer, surely the most exciting time in their hunt for the ideal property is when they find a home that

appeals to them, suits their budget and then to decide whether it is an investment buy-to-let property or

whether they will live in it themselves. This decision will be based on their personal situation and circumstances.


Buy-to-let is always a great investment. If the property you identify already has a tenant, be careful to establish what their paying habits are like, if they have looked after the property, are they difficult etc. This could influence the success of your buy-to-let plans. “It may be unfair, but tenants generally have a reputation for not keeping

homes in the best condition and thus, buy-to-let investors who might be interested in adding the property,

to their portfolio often prefer to find their own tenants” says Shaun Rademeyer, CEO of BetterBond.


Buy to Let

Buy to Rent Barcelona

“When you decide on a buy-to-let property, you need to bear in mind

what will appeal to your prospective tenants, such as the targeted

age group, security, location to schools, hospitals, shopping malls,

colleges, etc. These factors will definitely affect the type of tenant

you can get, the rental income you can demand, which will underpin

a good and solid investment” says Craig Hutchison, CEO of Engel &

Völkers Spain.

“The reason for the shortage of rental properties, and thereby the

increase in rentals, is due to many factors, but possibly more so that prospective buyers may feel they are not financially qualified to buy

and so therefore rather rent. To establish to what value you are

eligible to buy for, our own internal EV financial team are highly

competent and experienced to provide you with an accurate analysis

of the purchasing bracket you will qualify for” Craig continued.

It is the ideal time to buy now rather than to rent, as according to the Spanish National Statistics Institute, The

House Price Index is starting to rise after the pick of the property crisis of 2008. 


You may find that your monthly mortgage loan account is going to be less than the rentals. With the relatively

low bond interest rates currently being offered, this is the ideal time to invest in property as the increase in the

value of your property is apparent. The demand for rental properties is not abating and a purchaser of a

buy-to-let property is pretty much guaranteed of covering the bond plus additional rent, which can be ploughed

back into the home loan. The other option is, if you are planning to upgrade to a larger home, is perhaps to

consider renting out your current property and buying an additional property for your own use.


Buy to LetBuy to Rent Barcelona

From PayProp, a software programme used to manage rentals, it is shown that in 2013 residential rentals rose by an average of 1,5%. This would appear to be the trend and is noticeable in 2014 rentals. If you want to make an investment while earning a second source of income, then buying property to rent out is a good option.


If you are considering the buy-to-let route, then you must ensure you have a good understanding with the tenants. Have everything in writing and do not depend on a handshake agreement. Both parties need to enter

into a legal, written agreement. This is to protect both of you.


Consider all aspects of the property you are renting and living in, and keep a realistic view of whether you do indeed want to own it one day. Do this before you spend any time or effort in upgrading the property at your financial loss.


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