Cannero Riviera: The Land of Citrus Fruit

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Lovely …located on the Western shore of Lake Maggiore, near the Swiss Border. A beautiful holiday resort, on a small sunny promontory, has become famous for its climate temperature in Summer and very mild Winter. This helps the growth  of a luxurious Mediterranean vegetation rich in oranges, lemons,  palms, olive trees and Camelias, which bloom early in spring with azaleas and rhododendrons, changing the landscape into an enchanted garden. The village of 1064 inhabitants lies on the delta of the river Cannero, offering a picturesque panorama of the Castles. In Cannero Riviera many sports can be practiced: swimming, sailing, canoeing, fishing, you can also go on a motor-boat trip to the Cannero Castles. Cannero has a long and large beach, which got the “Blue Flag award”  and by a service of motor-boat taxis you can reach and visit all the beautiful places on the Lake. Also the possibility of walks and excursions to the surrounding mountains offer a variety of entertainment for children and adults. Many events take place during the year.

Walking through the village you can admire villas surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation (lime, lemon, orange,  grapefruit and  olive trees), a manor house, a picturesque harbour, typical medieval narrow streets, churches and chapels. Cannero Riviera is also a land of flowers, particularly blooming camellias which can be seen, for some specimens, even in winter.


Citrus fruit of Cannero Riviera


Unique event in Piemonte and  the Lake, it aims to bring out and bring to the attention of the population, of tourists, of experts and fans, a well-established activity widespread in the area of cultivation and care of citrus since the 1500’s  mainly in private gardens, favoured by a special microclimate which ensures the luxurious growth, and the possibility of optimal use of the products for the entire population during the season. This privileged situation has meant that the area has created a different vocation focused on tourist resources, that the nature of the area offers.




Camelia Show


From the 60’s Cannero ha shared its passion for the Camelia, this wonderful flower, which every year is revived with success, the “Camelias Show” which exhibits a range of 250 flowers and compositions, the century-old specimens of Camelias, an excursion to the “Camelia wood” in the hamlet of Cheggio, an excursion to the hamlet of Oggiogno, a little village on Mount Morissolo, that in addition to the typical rural houses has beautiful villas of the 1800s-1900s, mini-cruises to the castle of Cannero.

The visitors, as every year, coming not only from the neighbourhood but also from Switzerland and Germany, besides being able to appreciate the beauty of flowers, can also enjoy the beauty of the environment in which the exhibition is held. Thanks to the kindness and professionalism of the staff accompanying the tour, you’ll learn about the Camelia ,about Cannero Riviera and the surroundings.

The visitors can participate in the walk in the Camelia wood, in Cheggio, or  the excursion to Oggiogno, where you are totally immersed in  nature.  Once you’ve reached Oggiogno, it’s possible to visit the ancient wine press, built in 1742 and the ancient Grà for drying chestnuts.

For visitors who love the lake there are organized mini-cruises to the Borromeo castle, aboard a catamaran, from which you can enjoy the view.

All of this contributes to making these events a success, honoring the great tradition of our land, which deserves to be appreciated and valued.


Don’t miss the music……………..“Walking in the blues”!!!


The 3rd  edition of “Walking in the blues”, the manifestation “Mondays of July” offers holiday makers and tourists, the opportunity to immerse themselves in the  “Blues” atmosphere thanks to  famous bands, invited each year, along the historical center of Cannero Riviera. But the music also serves as a background to the performances of jugglers, street performers and entertainment of all kinds that enrich the musical evenings with entertainment for all ages.

Anyone wishing to get an overview on handcraft products, local food and wine can make a stop along the way between the stands of the “Art & Craft market”, set during  the whole evening. A classic evening in order to appreciate the wonderful views of the historical center and to listen to good music maybe sitting at the table of the many bars and restaurants.


castelli di cannero


The magic of Castles


The Castels of Cannero are an integrant part of the lake’s scenery. Now fascinating ruins, enhanced by writers and painters, the Castles are now part of the common cultural and historical inheritance of the three regions surrounding the lake (Lombardy, Piedmont, Tessin) and of two States consequently Italy as well as Switzerland.

Actually they are undergoing “work in progress” of the restoration and can be seen from the lake with the possibility of mini cruises.


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