Canyamel – here is the house of your dreams

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Your lovely villa is a real eye catcher – you’ve really hit the jackpot with this property on Mallorca. Here you can do a lot in your free time – for example golfing on the golf course Canyamel Golf.

View on a terrace with an outside pool, framed by many trees

A terrace with an outside pool, Canyamel, Mallorca

The golf course is situated in the municipality of Capdepera and offers an excellent golf experience: It’s a spacious 18-hole course at par 73.


The driving range is always ready for you with a total of 40 stalls for practising your swing. This golf course doesn’t merely win people over with its diverse offers, the surroundings are also something special: If you manage to be here on a good day, you can even see the island of Menorca from Mallorca. Perhaps you’re used to playing golf on a level field – here there also some hills to make the game more exciting.


For more experienced players, the sand bunkers are of course an essential part of their strategic game: Only those who are good at estimating distances can easily bypass these tricky obstacles.


It’s very practical that the sun terrace lies directly opposite to the last hole. So you can always motivate yourself by setting this wonderful terrace as your little goal.


You’ll quickly notice that learning Spanish can be quite a lot of fun. It’s not all that difficult if you’ve gotten somewhat used to the language. In a really short time span, you’ll have learned a lot of of useful vocabulary regarding your hobby and also have met a number of new acquaintances.


Relax and simply sit down after a good game of golf together with friends and your new-found Mallorquan acquaintances and enjoy sharing your hobby with like-minded people. If you’re still a little unsure about your language skills in Spanish: Here, all stereotypes are broken down, and everyone will listen patiently and forgive you smaller mistakes. Golfing tears down walls and builds bridges where otherwise we would have a forest of language obstacles.


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