Capri – la dolce vita

CapriCapri, the most famous of Italian islands, is the epitome of la dolce vita. For many people, a trip to the island in the beautiful Gulf of Naples is the fulfilment of their life dreams. The lush vegetation and spectacular views of the azure-blue ocean attract thousands of visitors every year.

It is only a stone’s throw away from the airport of Naples to Molo Beverello, the harbour from where all the boats depart to Capri. Visitors can choose to take a yacht, ferry or speedboat – or even transfer to the island in the luxurious comfort of a helicopter. Every evening, ferries bring the day visitors back to Naples so that dusk ushers in a quieter side to the island. Close to 14,000 inhabitants live on Capri and its two communes of Capri and Anacapri. The island is 10.4 sq. km in size: from west to east, it measures more than 6 km and from north to south almost 3 km. Monte Solaro, the island’s highest mountain, has an elevation of 589 m. The best months to travel to Capri are from April to June as well as September to October, since the masses of tourists that take over the island during the high season can be avoided.

It’s easy to succumb to the fascinating charm of Capri. A visit to the Blue Grotto, a walk along the azure-blue ocean, or taking a cappuccino at the piazza in the centre of Capri – the possibilities of enjoying the island are endless. Tourists are not allowed to drive during the summer season; they must either take a taxi or a bus, or walk. There is a cable car between the main harbour and the pretty little squares in the town centre of Capri, and a chair lift goes from Anacapri, the smaller town, to Monte Solaro.

Anacapri is the quieter twin of the bustling town of Capri. The atmosphere during the evening hours is particularly peaceful in Anacapri, when the village elders meet to chat in front of the 300-year-old church Santa Sofia or the children play football on the piazza until night falls. In general, the people of Capri have an open and relaxed approach to life.

Of course, a highlight that no tourist should miss is a boat trip to Capri’s famous Blue Grotto. The landmark of the island, the Faraglioni – three steep needle-shaped cliffs that rise out of the sea – are also well worth a visit, particularly in the evening. Other highlights are the Arco Naturale, the ruins of Villa Jovis, Monte Solare, the Punta Massullo with its Villa Malarte, as well as Villa San Michele.

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