A captivating villa in Artà on Mallorca

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You’re happy to have finally found a property that suits you, in Artà on Mallorca. You house leaves you completely satisfied.


Especially the abbey of Sant Antoni with its tower really impresses you. Many tourists are probably happy after they’ve enjoyed the ascent to and descent from the tower and then return to their hotel.


But as an inhabitant of Artà, you know how to appreciate the view from the abbey’s tower all the more. After multiple visits to the monastery, you’ve gotten used to the initially strenuous ascent and are now able to climb the steps of the tower without even breaking a sweat. But even when you’re used to the many steps, you’ll probably never get used to the view from the tower.

Roofed entry area of an idyllic finca with many plants

Comfortable finca, Artà, Mallorca

This is where anybody can learn in time to really appreciate the moment and enjoy the seemingly mundane, everyday miracles. The evening hours have somewhat become your preferred time to visit this abbey. Not only because there are much fewer tourists around or because it’s much quieter: The evening sun is not as crushing, the air is much clearer and seems to offer more oxygen. That way you can enjoy the view over the humble city of Artà even more.


Sometimes you will also meet some artists on your way to the monastery. You’ll find them pensive and rapt in contemplation at the side of the road, not paying any attention to the people passing by, always intently focused on their colour palette. Take, for example, Pedro. He wouldn’t really call himself an artist, but he did try painting something in this quiet place once.


He turns to the side a little as he tells how he created a painting for his mother here. Even though his face is barely visible in the waning evening sun, you can almost make out a smile in the corner of his mouth and a little twinkle in his eyes. “I prefer playing my Ukulele, but I really wanted to know how it feels to sit here, near the monastery, and just paint a little. Turning your ideas and feelings into a picture right here, next to the monastery – that’s something I can really recommend to anyone. It’s not so much about the result, but more about what painting does to you, what it makes you feel.”


And with these words he slings his linen backpack across his shoulder and energetically skips down the steps.


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