Cate Blanchett: A holiday cottage in Australia!

Cate Blanchett: A holiday cottage in Australia!Hollywood star Cate Blanchett and her husband Andrew Upton have purchased a property for themselves in Australia, just north of Sydney. The couple reportedly want to spend their weekends and holidays there, completely secluded from public view. The villa is only accessible by boat and hence ideal for the family of five to relax in peace.

What Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton have bought for themselves and their three sons in north Sydney is truly a little piece of paradise. The property spans three floors and is made completely of timber. The villa offers a breathtaking view of the Hawksbury River while being protected from unwanted glances. A private spa and sauna ensure total relaxation.

Cate Blanchett: A holiday cottage in Australia!The fascination of the fifth continent is no surprise: Divine natural paradises, kangaroos and koalas, the Great Barrier Reef and the red outback – Australia’s sights and virtues are numerous and fascinate people all over the world. With the purchase of their own property, Cate Blanchett and her family are continuing the current trend in Down Under: The property market is booming. Lots of people dream of having their own home here, the demand for home ownership remains high especially in large cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as in suburban neighbourhoods. The massive influx to the cities also underlies the fact that a large proportion of the continent is uninhabitable due to natural features. At the same time, the Australian population is growing rapidly and building land on the coast is, in turn, scarce. Property prices, which have multiplied in the past years, are following the trend. Additionally, more and more foreign interest is being focused on Australia: Especially at the top end, the market is being shaped by the strong demand from foreign buyers from China and Japan.