Celebrate New Year’s Eve!

Celebrate New Year’s Eve!This evening, New Year’s Eve will be celebrated extensively all over the world. With the conclusion of the Christmas holidays, excitement is building for dancing, partying and lavish celebration. We wish you a wonderful end of year and a lavish celebration wherever you may be. Perhaps you would like to start a few bizarre New Year’s traditions? Have a great time!

Big and strong in the new year

Our tip: Be like Filipino children who jump into the air twelve times at midnight in order to grow big and strong in the next year. In the best case, the first visitor to step over the threshold in the new year will also be big and strong. According to this Scottish custom, the promised happiness is supposedly maximized when the visitor brings coal, pastries and whiskey with them.

Red or yellow underwear?

Likewise, wearing yellow underwear shall bring happiness and wealth according to the South American tradition. Are you looking for a grand amour? Then quickly get out your red underwear and be guaranteed a passionate love life…

Our tip for superstitious people: Under no circumstances should you wear black underwear at the turn of the year. It is rumoured to bring bad luck.

Pounds for happiness

According to an Estonian custom, happiness has nothing to do with your choice of underwear but rather with your meals, or more specifically, the number of meals. All seven, nine or twelves meals shall bring happiness. Fortunately, you don’t have to finish them off, otherwise the happiness would just drop off. If there’s still room in your stomach after eating twelves meals, you could turn to this Spanish tradition: When the clock strikes twelve, a grape is eaten per stroke of the clock.

Out with the old!

Are you looking for a new start in 2015? According to a South African tradition in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, old household appliances are thrown out of the windows of the uppermost floor. Since this tradition is, unfortunately, somewhat dangerous, you could symbolically clean out your house at the start of the new year and donate anything you don’t need to a good cause.

For whatever tradition you ultimately decide upon: We wish you a successful new year, all year round!