Charity donations

We would like to ask you to arrange by 30 November 2014 for one of our agents to come and give you an estimate of how much your property is worth. You will not be making a commitment nor will you be required to sell your property. We are only asking you to make a charity donation of 50 euros which we will pay to  the Associazione Sim-Patia.




Sim-patia was set up in 1989 to build suitably equipped facilities for people with a grave or severe physical disability.


Sim-patia was officially opened in 1999. Today it is a Residenza Sanitaria Disabili (a home for the disabled) and a Centro Diurno Disabili (a day centre for the disabled); it is fully recognised by the Lombardy Regional government and offers permanent or temporary fully assisted accommodation for disabled people and is also a day centre for people with very limited movement owing to their grave or severe physical disability, people who need help that, for whatever reason, their families cannot provide.


Sim-patia’s main objective is to stimulate the abilities these disabled people still have, to help them become as independent as possible, to get them to talk and to socialise with their outside world. Apart from giving these people the necessary healthcare help they need, Sim-patia aims to help them regain use of their abilities and to keep them in use through physiotherapy. Sim-patia develops bespoke programmes and activities, such as rehabilitation; it organises group work to stimulate the people’s memories and communication skills; it organises play activities, particularly after first speaking to the people to find out what they would like to do; it conceives and develops instruments that allow the people to regain certain gestures, activities and abilities that would otherwise be impossible for them to do because of their disability.


For more information call:

0039 031 51 30 99


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